How to Increase Your Metabolic Processes


Metabolism is the process of fat burning taking place in your organism. All food you consume can be digested in two ways. If you lead an active way of life, the calories you consume will be burnt by the cells of your body. The number of calories you consume must be equal to the energy, which your organism has in stock. If you consume more food and, consequently, more energy than your organism is able to burn, all extra calories will turn into fat, which will be difficult for you to get rid of. What you have to do to normalize the process of burning calories and boost your metabolism is to stick to the following advice on how to become thinner and healthier.

Consume spicy meals. If you like spicy foods, then you are a lucky person. Scientists from all over the world have already proved, that hot meals help to rev up your metabolic rate making your cells burn calories faster than usually. You probably noticed that when you were eating something hot, you sweated. That was the effect of spices, making your metabolism go.

Shorten your portions. Eat several, not three times a day as you did before. Don’t let yourself skip meals. The biggest number of calories you may have in the morning. Your organism shouldn’t get calories in the evening, so try not to eat after 6 pm. If you feel starving, eat an apple or vegetable salad.

Don’t famish your body with hunger. Malnutrition can be even worse for you than overeating.

Malnutrition will deceive your body, which will take it as SOS and begin to stock calories and energy. It will not do your diet any good. The opposite situation will also be harmful for your figure. If you eat too much, your organism will store extra calories and turn them into fat, spoiling your body.

Be more active than you used to. Use every opportunity to move your body. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing – do it actively. It would be great if you visit a gym. The more exercises you will do, the slimmer you will become. Exercise are also extremely useful for your heart and muscular tonus.

Do morning exercises. It may sound strange, but your metabolism is working better when you are starving. If you add some activity to this, you will automatically double your metabolism speed. It would be great, if you did morning exercises before you have breakfast or even immediately after awakening.

Eat more carbonate and protein containing products. Those are such meals as poultry, vegetables, beans (don’t eat white rice, it contains carbohydrates, slowing down your metabolism), fruits, fish, dairy products, eggs, nuts, etc.

A big part of the problems with extra weight are about metabolism. In many cases if you speed up metabolism, this can become a new era for the weight loss experience.